Stella Ladi, Interview with Charlotte Stievenard on the newly elected Greek government, Radio France International
July 2019 – GPSG Pamphlet No 6: First Thoughts on the 7 July 2019 Election in Greece Edited by Panagiota Manoli
Σχόλια του Δημήτρη Τσαρούχα στο Κρατικό Πρακτορείο Ειδήσεων της Τουρκίας, Ανατολή
Stella Ladi, Interview with Lasse Sol Sunde on the Greek elections for Weekendavisen and for the Danish National Radio
Stella Ladi, Interview with Andrej Matisak on the Greek elections, Pravda
Panagiota Manoli comments on the Greek elections: This is a return to normal politics in Greece. (video)
Quotes by Stella Ladi and Lamprini Rori, on the Sydney Morning Herald for the upcoming Greek parliamentary election and the signals for the beginning of the end of populism  
Quotes by Dimitris Tsarouchas on New Democracy To Keep Prespa Agreement After Winning Greek Vote Despite Previous Rhetoric
Disillusioned Greek Voters Could Punish Tamed Populist Tsipras Lamprini Rori, lecturer in politics, University of Exeter, spoke to Bloomberg’s Daybreak Europe’s Caroline Hepker and Roger Hearing about the Greek election. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras shot to power during Greece’s financial...
Greece will hold a snap parliamentary election on 7 July 2019. The decision was taken by the Prime minister Alexis Tsipras, right after the result of the European parliament election was made known to the government on May, 26th. Following...