Symposium on Educating for the Modern Global Economy


2013 – Symposium on Educating for the Modern Global Economy

Symposium on Educating for the Modern Global Economy

Athens, 5 October 2013

Organised in collaboration with the Salzburg Global Seminar and the Fulbright Foundation, Greece

Events of recent years have surely erased any remaining doubts about the interconnectedness of the world’s economies. From the credit crises in the US and EU to the increasing frequency of natural disasters around the world, and social unrest in the Middle East, the economic waves of local problems have made themselves felt to individual citizens in nearly every corner of the globe.

With change inevitable and globalization obvious, how can the next generation be prepared to compete in these foreign and uncertain conditions? How do universities, colleges, vocational schools, and other institutes of higher education assess the future needs of their students, nations, and the world and react appropriately? How can all students, regardless of specialization, be best prepared for a globalized workplace? And what role do partnerships, both internationally and with the private sector, play in preparing students for a global knowledge economy?

The Salzburg Global Seminar and the Fulbright Foundation, Greece, with additional support from the Greek Politics Specialist Group, recently organized a symposium to examine these issues both in the context of Greece and the world at large. In the spirit of all three organizations’ common missions, visions, and commitment to education as the driving force for positive change, innovation, and well-being for individuals and societies, the purpose of the event was to provide a place for inspirational dialogue and new ideas. Salzburg Global, Fulbright Greece, and the Greek Politics Specialists Group sought to involve as many people from their respective networks – Fellows and alumni, those familiar with our work and those seeking to learn more, old friends and new ones. The one-day symposium provided an opportunity for those involved in the work of Salzburg Global and the Fulbright Foundation to connect with one another and (re-)connect with like-minded individuals in Athens and Greece and to reinvigorate ties to all three organizations.

The Symposium took place at Cotsen Hall, The American School of Classical Studies, in central Athens.

The event was free of charge for full and affiliate members of the Greek Politics Specialist Group.