Bath, 2007


The 57th annual conference of the Political Studies Association (PSA) took place in April 2007 at the University of Bath. The Greek Politics Specialist Group had a strong presence with four panels on a range of fields.

Panel Convenors: Roman Gerodimos (Bournemouth University), Maria Zisouli (University of Athens).


GPSG Panel 1: The effects of Europeanization on Greek policy sectors

Chair: Roman Gerodimos (Bournemouth University)


GPSG Panel 2: Emerging developments in European Union (EU) governance

Chair: Dimitris Tsarouhas (Middle East Technical University, Ankara)


GPSG Panel 3: The Globalisation of Political Communication in Greece

Chair: Roman Gerodimos (Bournemouth University)

  • Eleni Apospori (Athens University of Economics and Business), Maria Zisouli (University of Athens), and George Avlonitis (Athens University of Economics and Business), “Municipal elections and political marketing actions: the case of Athens 2006”


GPSG Panel 4: European Union and Greek Foreign Policy

Chair: Dr. Stella Ladi (MAIP / University of Sheffield)

  • Athanassios Samaras (Institute of Defence Analysis – IAA), “Comparative Analysis of the Framing of European Prospect of Turkey at the Brussels Summits of 2004 and 2006; the Bipolar Contradistinction as a Framing Device”