Sunday, March 24, 2019
Angelos Karagiannis – Assessing leadership in Greek schools
Ioannis Andreadis, Evangelia Kartsounidou and Charalampos Chatzimallis – Innovation, an answer to lack of funding: the 2015 Hellenic National Election Voter Study
Evgenia (Jenny) Eleni Mavropoulou -Mapping the far-right vote in the European electoral arena: The Greek far-right in cross-national perspective
Maria Fola – Nation Branding: the nation as a product
Manto Lampropoulou – Public utilities reform in Greece: Privatization, market liberalization and implications for citizens as consumers
Constantine Boussalis, Travis G. Coan – Tracing the Narrative of Hate in the Rising Greek Far-Right
Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis – Greece and the EMU: The Realignment of an Evolving Public Opinion
Eleni Ganiti – The Military Dictatorship of April 1967 in Greece and its repercussion on the Greek visual arts scene
George Aspridis and Marina Petrelli – Civil Servants’ Permanent Tenure in Greece
Eleni Christodoulou – Greek Politics and Passion(s): Reconstituting National Identity in the Midst of Financial Crisis