Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Eleni Ganiti – The Military Dictatorship of April 1967 in Greece and its repercussion on the Greek visual arts scene
Charalambos Tsekeris, Theodore Tsekeris, Vasilis Theodoris – Economic Crisis, Social Capital and Civil Society: From Social Networks to Economic Growth
Manto Lampropoulou – Public utilities reform in Greece: Privatization, market liberalization and implications for citizens as consumers
Eleni Christodoulou – Greek Politics and Passion(s): Reconstituting National Identity in the Midst of Financial Crisis
Constantine Boussalis, Travis G. Coan – Tracing the Narrative of Hate in the Rising Greek Far-Right
Panos Petridis – From economism to autonomy: A Greek economic emergency and the transformative vision of degrowth
Andrew Liaropoulos – Cyber-Security and the Law of War: The Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cyber-Conflict
Ioannis Andreadis, Evangelia Kartsounidou and Charalampos Chatzimallis – Innovation, an answer to lack of funding: the 2015 Hellenic National Election Voter Study
George Diakoumakos – Greek politics and culture: Identifying the key patterns of political perceptions and cultural practices
Georgios Karyotis, Dimitris Skleparis – Migrant Lived Experiences and Resistance to the Securitisation of Migration in Greece