Evgenia (Jenny) Eleni Mavropoulou -Mapping the far-right vote in the European electoral arena: The Greek far-right in cross-national perspective
Charalambos Tsekeris, Theodore Tsekeris, Vasilis Theodoris – Economic Crisis, Social Capital and Civil Society: From Social Networks to Economic Growth
George Pleios, Stamatis Poulakidakos, Anastasia Veneti – Representations of terrorism in online media: a comparative examination of UK, Germany, Greece and Turkey
Panos Petridis – From economism to autonomy: A Greek economic emergency and the transformative vision of degrowth
George Aspridis – The Evaluation of Human Resources in Modern Public Management
Ioanna Ntampoudi – The Eurozone Crisis and the Politics of Blaming: Narratives, Identities and Discursive Patterns
Special Mini-Series – Migrant Integration in Greece: Barriers to Multiculturalism Eugenia Vathakou & Vassiliki Lalagianni – Barriers and enablers to cultural integration: Insights from the community of Nigerian migrant women in Greece
Cemaliye Beysoylu – Local Political Responses to European Integration: The case of North Cyprus
Katerina Loukidou – Formal and Informal Civil Society Associations in Greece: Two sides of the same coin?
Eleni Ganiti – The Military Dictatorship of April 1967 in Greece and its repercussion on the Greek visual arts scene