Emmanuel Sigalas – Economic Crisis and Parliamentary Autonomy: Evidence from the Greek Parliament
Cemaliye Beysoylu – Local Political Responses to European Integration: The case of North Cyprus
Constantine Boussalis, Travis G. Coan – Tracing the Narrative of Hate in the Rising Greek Far-Right
Ioannis Andreadis, Evangelia Kartsounidou and Charalampos Chatzimallis – Innovation, an answer to lack of funding: the 2015 Hellenic National Election Voter Study
George Diakoumakos – Greek politics and culture: Identifying the key patterns of political perceptions and cultural practices
Konstantinos Margaritis – The Constitutional Amendment as a Radical Action: the Case of Greece
Ioannis Kostakis – The determinants of households’ savings during the recession: Evidence from Greece
Georgios Karyotis, Dimitris Skleparis – Migrant Lived Experiences and Resistance to the Securitisation of Migration in Greece
Joana Amaral – Mediating Among the Elites and the Grassroots: A Research Design on Differential Community Support for Peace Settlements in Cyprus and Northern Ireland
Michelangelo Paganopoulos – The Gift of the Monks and the Economic Avaton of Athos: Re-evaluating the relationship between Church and State in Greece