Glasgow, 2017


67th Political Studies Association Annual International Conference

 Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow

10-12 April 2017

Day 2, Tuesday 11th April
Session 5 13:30–15:00
New Security Threats in Southern Europe

Chair: Dr Noëlle Burgi (CNRS-Centre Européen de Sociologie et de Science Politique-University Paris I) Graham Hills 512
Discussant: Dr Georgios Karyotis (University of Glasgow)
Room: Conference Room 5

– Dr Dimitris Skleparis (University of Glasgow) ‘A Europe without Walls, without Fences, without Borders’: Greek Migration and Asylum Policies amid the ‘Migration Crisis’
– Professor Petros Vamvakas (Emmanuel College) Migration, Food Insecurity and Populism from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean
– Professor Marilena Simiti (University of Piraeus) Economic Crises and Urban Riots
– Vasileios Karakasis (Leiden University) Decision-making on Energy security within a Conflict Environment: The Case of Cyprus

Session 6 15:30–17:00
Populism in Power: The Greek Experience

Chair: Dr Giorgos Katsambekis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Discussant: Professor Yannis Stavrakakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Room: Graham Hills 512

– Alessandro Albertini (Sant’anna School of Advanced Studies) Are Syriza and Podemos Populist on Facebook? An Analysis of Political Communication of the First Three Months of 2016
– Panos Panayotu (University of Essex) Towards a Transnational Populism; A Chance for European Democracy? The Case of DiEM25
– Dr Giacomo Loperfido (Universidad de Barcelona), Dr Theodora Vetta (University of Barcelona) Social Disintegration in Greece and Italy: the Enemy Within
– Dr Emmanouil Tsatsanis (Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL)), Dr Ioannis Andreadis (Aristotle University Thessaloniki), Dr Eftichia Teperoglou (CIES-IUL & Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ) Populism From Below: The Ideological and Social Correlates of Populist Attitudes in Greece


Day 3, Wednesday 12th April
Session 7 09:00 – 10:30
Social and Political Transformations in Southern Europe

Chair: Dr Angelos Chryssogelos (University of Limerick)
Specialist Group: Greek Politics
Room: Graham Hills 512

– Dr Dimitris Tsarouhas (Bilkent University) and Dr Georgios Karyotis (University of Glasgow), Changing Attitudes towards European Integration at Times of Crisis: The Case of Greece
– Michail Theodosiadis (Goldsmiths, University of London) Common Decency and the European South: Reshaping Identities in the Era of the Eurozone Crisis
– Dr Noëlle Burgi (CNRS-Centre Européen de Sociologie et de Science Politique-University Paris I), Professor Philip Golub (American University of Paris), Eleni Kyramargiou (National Hellenic Research Foundation) Cores and Peripheries: How the Management of the Eurozone Crisis Generated Enduring Structural Dependencies and Inequalities in Greece – the Case of the Port of Piraeus
– Jonas Van Vossole (Centre for Social Studies – Coimbra, Portugal/University of Ghent, Belgium) Electoral Reconfiguration in Portugal: Implications for Democracy

Session 8 11:00–12:30

Party Politics and Political Conflict in Greece

Chair: Professor Marilena Simiti (University of Piraeus)
Discussant: Dr Emmanouil Tsatsanis (Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL))
Room: Graham Hills 512

– Dr Vasiliki Tsagkroni (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Christos Vrakopoulos (University of Reading) How Responsive are Populist Governing Parties in Europe?
– Argyrios Altiparmakis (European University Institute) The Restructuration of Political Conflict in Greece, 2007-2015
– Davide Vittori (Luiss University) and Valeria Tarditi (Universita della Calabria) What Are We Gonna Be When We Grow Up? SYRIZA Institutionalisation and its New “Governing Party” Role’
– Dr Angelos Chryssogelos (University of Limerick) The Fragmentation of the Greek Right, 2009-2015

Session 9 13:30–15:00

The Political Economy of the Greek Crisis

Chair: Dr Dimitris Tsarouhas (Bilkent University)

Specialist Group: Greek Politics
Room: Graham Hills 512

– Saliha Metinsoy (University of Oxford) IMF Programmes and Democracy: Democratic Institutions in Greece in 2010

– Professor John Ryan (London School of Economics) Does the Greek Crisis Show that the European Central Bank is Unaccountable and Incompetent?
– Dr Ozgun Sarimehmet Duman (London School of Economics) The Political Economy of Privatization Policies in the Aftermath of the Economic Crisis in Greece

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