GPSG Newsflash 06/20


GPSG Newsflash 06/20
Events and Notices

17 December 2020
Dear Colleagues,

We hope you will be able to enjoy the upcoming Christmas break, away from your computers and as close as possible to your loved ones. The Greek Politics Specialist Group is pleased to share the following news and details about research opportunities, and calls for papers:


1. A Message from our Convenors 

A warm welcome to our new members! We are pleased to report that the glitch in the system that prevented you from receiving our communications has now been resolved. So once again, thank you for your patience and interest in the Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) and welcome to our community!

We would also like to announce that ECPR is currently in the first stage of the process in which ECPR Official Representatives can endorse candidates. One of our group’s convenors and a very active member of the Standing Group on Southern European Politics, Stella Ladi, is running for election to the ECPR Executive Committee. Those who are members of the Standing Group on Southern European Politics and who serve as the ECPR Official Representatives in their institutions and are interested in endorsing Stella, please note the deadline for doing so is 1 January 2021.

You can read Stella’s full nomination statement here.


2. GPSG Panels at the Annual PSA Conference 

The Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) is pleased to announce the organisation of four panels and a book launch at the 71st Political Studies Association (PSA) Annual International Conference, organised in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast, from 29th to 31st March 2021:
  • Panel 1: ‘Greek Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic’ (Panel convened by GPSG).
  • Panel 2: ‘The Covid-19 pandemic across Europe: responses, challenges and lessons (learned)’ (Panel convened by the German Politics, Greek Politics, French Politics, Italian Politics, Nordic Politics and Turkish Politics Specialist Groups of the PSA)
  • Panel 3: ‘Nationalism and anti-establishment parties in Greece’ (Panel convened by GPSG).
  • Panel 4: ‘Global Challenges, Europe and Greece’ (Panel convened by GPSG).
  • Book Launch: ‘Capitalising on Constraint: Bailout Politics in Eurozone Countries’.

For more information about the list of presenters, please click here.


3. GPSG Invites Nominations for PSA Academic Prizes

PSA is pleased to announce that nominations for Academic Prizes 2020/21 are now open until 18 January 2021. GPSG invites its members to get in touch as soon as possible with Vasiliki Tsagkroni and Stella Ladi in order to express their interest in a nomination for any of the prizes.

For the full list of the PSA Academic Prizes 2020/21, please click here.


4. BSA-GPSG Webinar Series: 14/12 Event Postponed
The second event of the BSA-GPSG Webinar Series titled “‘Who’s sorry now? Explaining (Non) Apologies in Post-Crisis Europe”, scheduled for 14/12, has been postponed. A new date for this event will be announced soon.


5. Research Opportunity at the GPSG: Outcome
The Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) is pleased to welcome Alexandros Kyriakidis as Research Assistant for the project “Covid-19 Pandemic and European Policy Responses. A Literature Review”.

Alexandros is a Fellow and Head of Operations & Research at the Center for Research on Democracy & Law of the University of Macedonia (Greece). He completed his PhD at the Department of International & European Studies of the same University under a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY), and has also obtained an MPhil in Politics from the University of Sheffield (UK), an MSc in Global Politics from the University of Southampton (UK), and a BA in Political Science from the College of Wooster (Ohio, USA).