Stella Ladi writes on Independent on corona virus and how Greece managed to flatten the curve. For the full article click here  
The Greek Politics Specialist Group, with the participation of: Italian, Turkish, German, French, Nordic, Irish, Spanish Specialist Groups of PSA and the ECPR Southern European Politics come together in a virtual round table to discuss: 'Managing the Covid19 Pandemic: Lessons...
PSA 2021 Annual Conference – General Call for Papers on Greek Politics.   One of the core aims of the Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) of the Political Studies Association (PSA) is to organise focused, scholarly panels at the...
Antonis Ellinas (University of Cyprus), Right-wing extremism and antifascist mobilization in Greece, discussed by Vasiliki Georgiadou (Panteion University). GPSG/BSA webinars on Modern Greek Studies, 19.04.2021.
The Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) is pleased to welcome Alexandros Kyriakidis as Research Assistant for the project “Covid-19 Pandemic and European Policy Responses. A Literature Review”. Alexandros Kyriakidis is a Fellow and Head of Operations & Research at the...
Λαμπρινή Ρόρη, Ομιλία για την Πολιτική Βία, Τα Νέα
Lamprini Rori's quotes on Greek fake news in the context of elections for the European Parliament in the article of Sheena McKenzie for CNN
Organised by GPSG at the PSA conference with the participation of Catherine Moury, Stella Ladi, Claudio Radaelli, Emmanuel Matsaganis and Dimitris Papadimitriou. Chaired by Roman Gerodimos.
Κριτική του προσφατου βιβλιου του Δημήτρη Τσαρούχα και του O. Parker 'Crisis in the Eurozone Periphery: the Political Economies of Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland' που συνεγραψε για λογαριασμο του Βηματος της Κυριακης, οπου και δημοσιευτηκε, ο Δημητρης Σωτηροπουλος...